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Lord Don’t Slow Me Down – OASIS Documentary DVD

Just received an email from Oasis‘s mailing list (yes, boys and girl, I’m a Oasis fan too, they are like the new generation Beatles IMO) announcing that:

On 29th October Oasis release a brand new DVD film, “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down“. The limited edition double DVD set is only available while stocks last…

Syet, I want one too…

If you’ll check the website, there’s an option to Pre-Order The Singe, The Bundle or Order The DVD. I say, go for the bundle!

The DVD is about:

.. the definitive feature length documentary seen in selected cinemas last year, but also the option of voice over commentaries from the band, a Noel Gallagher Q & A session with fans from New York City, out takes from the film, and a second 90 minute bonus disc capturing the band’s homecoming show at Manchester City’s Eastlands Stadium together with footage sent in by fans from around the world who attended that show…

I remember the one with Matchbox Twenty’s How Far We’ve Come DVD. I was glad that they are offering Paypal as mode of payment buy it turn out that only US paypal users valid. Oh well… I did try and order too, but when I click the ‘Add’ to card button, nothing happens..

Guess that’s not for me too! :D

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4 Responses to “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down – OASIS Documentary DVD”

  1. jhanok says:

    Me too is a fan of Oasis,but not that big.hehehe.
    I like their songs such as wonderwall,don’t look back in anger etc…

    I used to get my big bro’s copy of their album and if ever he purchase the documentary DVD,I get it again!hehehe

  2. paulette says:

    Its great to hear that Oasis has new album. I cant wait to have one. I bet this is also a good one.

  3. Leenard says:

    Im one of the lucky MADFORIT Fan of oasis who watch the Rockumentary Film “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down” in Greenbelt Cinema. Fuckin Great! one of our mate said its now available in Music1. lol! Liveforever!!!

  4. Leenard says:

    you can email @ leenard_lyndon@yahoo.com

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