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Subscribing to Blogger’s Blog (RSS)

blogger logoI have lots and lots of blog mates using blogger. I even have a few of my own blogs hosted in it (but not that active anymore). Check out my links page to see my list of blogger blogmates. I used to visit all of those blogs everyday to check if there are some updates or some interesting kwento, and geesh that would take hours to complete!

And then I learn about RSS subscriptions!

Big Big Time Saver

Imagine getting updates on new post for (all) blogs on one page/location! That is one big time saver! You’ll be able to read your blogmates post without having to visit each of their site!

And with that, I want to share my current list of (pinoy) blogs that I am currently subscribe to (I may misplaced some on other folders).

google reader subscription

The number is still growing. If I find a blog that is either interesting or informative that I can learn something from it, I will definitely add it to the list.

My RSS Problem With (Some) Blogger Account/Blog

With all my blog friends using blogger, not all of them are displaying an RSS chicklet. Having one is really a big convenience. All you have to do is get the link and “Add subscription” link on Google Reader.

Default RSS URL on Blogger blogs

Pardon my ignorance, I just found out about this a while ago (hence this post). Here’s a way of subscribing to a Blogger RSS. Let’s take https://mystephenkingbooks.blogspot.com for example.

Here are the steps:

Remember that it’s just for blogger. To find out more on how to subscribe to RSS check out Marshall’s post .

Subscribe na na rin sakin! :)

Ingat! Blog pa!

3 Responses to “Subscribing to Blogger’s Blog (RSS)”

  1. Reyn says:

    pag tinamad pa ako ng kaunti at tuluyan na akong naasar sa ads, gagawin ko na din yan. haha

  2. Elizar says:

    right, oo nga.. good thing about RSS reader, di nya pinapakita mga ads. :)

  3. Allen says:

    Since you are using Google Reader based on your screenshot, you can actually just click on ADD SUBSCRIPTION and enter the blog’s url. It will automatically get the feed for you. ^_^

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