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Pictures! XDA Zinc! Picture Quality!

I’m so loving my new phone! This is the first time I ever had a phone that can take shots up to 1600×1200 resolution!

Below are pictures taken this yesterday morning after shift… With some nice bright light, the picture quality is amazing!

… And to think that it’s only at 1280×960 resolution!


See more…. please please please.. :)



17 Responses to “Pictures! XDA Zinc! Picture Quality!”

  1. fionixe says:

    hwoah! ^_^ nice pics kuya Eli! 1600×1200! Cutee naman ni baby mo ~ wow, what kind of phone is it?

  2. Elizar says:

    hehehe, thanks sister… :)

    Yan yung XDA Zinc, ok lang diba? Pinasakit nga ulo ko nyan. :D

  3. karmi says:

    ganda nga ng resolution ng pictures kuya.. parang digital camera ung dating.. ^_^

  4. cathy says:

    nice shots. didn’t know that camera phone can capture ambient lights that great until now. nice subject too. cutie. :)

  5. Karen says:

    Wow that’s great! Mahal ba yung ganyang phone? Hmmmm..

  6. CM says:

    very nice resolution! :) hindi halatang kuhang phone lang. :)

    sweet pictures! :)

  7. joy says:

    uy eli panalo! parang dslr na din ang quality. may wifi ba sya?

  8. Elizar says:

    Hi Karmi, thanks sa visit.. ok nga no? crisp din yung shot

  9. Elizar says:

    Thanks for the very nice words Cathy.. :)

  10. Elizar says:

    @Karen, second hand ko na nabili yung phone.. hehehe (see previous posts)… brand new is around 44K pa..

    @Tin, oo nga diba? gulat nga rin ako eh. :)

  11. Elizar says:

    @Joy, may wifi na rin sya joi, galing nga eh.. (di ko lang mapagana dito sa shop>. :D )

  12. Misyel says:

    Ang galing naman ng phone mo, inggit aketch hehe… By the way, cool photos! *wink*

  13. Reyn says:

    kyut naman ng baby mo kuya :)

  14. Elizar says:

    Thanks Misyel! ;)

  15. Elizar says:

    Hi Reyn, di lang ung baby ang cute ha.. hehehe.. :)

  16. jhanok says:

    WOW!bago phone…

  17. Jaypee says:

    Congratulations on your new phone! The pictures are nice and clear. :D

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