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Everything Eli’s Auction Ads Update

auction ads logoI’ve been running Auction Ads on this blog for over a month now… (Started September 10, 2007) And still I made nothing from it… Zero Dollars… Nitch… Nada.. Bokya…

That is alright, though.

So what’s this Eli’s Auction Ads update post all about? It’s about, removing the Ads altogether.

How Do You Make Money From It?

Auction Ad will display relevant Ebay auction that your visitors will hopefully take notice and once they click the ads, buy the item, you earn some money.

Sign Up For Auction Ads

With all that blah blah from me, don’t let my time typing all those words lead to nothing. You can make me happy (and you will too, soon) by signing up with Auction Ads.

And here’s a treat, you’ll get $25 just by signing up! So, all you need is another $50 for the payout!

Special Thanks

I am removing my Auction Ads advertisement on the sidebar because of Reyn. Thank you Reyn, really.

With Reyn’s post regarding the placement of Ads on you blog, it made me think of my own advertisement on my blog. Good thing I don’t place ads on the content itself and the sidebar where I put all the banners are not that intrusive to the readers.

Looking at my blog from a visitor’s point of view, the ads that make me want to go and run away are those of Auction Ads and Widgetbucks. I think it’s because of the size and color of the ad? I’m not sure.

So, first I’m ditching out Auction Ads… nilalagnat na rin si Widgetbucks! hahahaha

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  1. Reyn says:

    You’re welcome Kuya! hehe.. Actually, the ones that I am talking about in my post are the ones that are super annoying.. yung tipong sa isang window pa talaga nag-lo-load at hindi na nakuntento sa embedded na ads! haha. arte ko noh? anyways, hindi naman siguro lahat ng readers katulad ko pero napaka-inconsiderate pa rin na move ang ganun. (Payperpopup ba yun?! )

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