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I Miss My Doctor!

Oooppps, that didn’t come out right… I have an appointment with my doctor, and I missed it!

prescription thyroid

Darn. Last month she asked me to if I could come on this date. Thinking that my work schedule would still be Monday – Wednesday (or Thursday), I said yes. My bad.

So that’s why my Strumazole tablet (it’s for my hyperthyroid thing) has ran out.

It’s a little late (11:50 pm) and it’s a Saturday, I doubt if she has clinic on a Sunday. I’ll call her office first thing Monday morning then. Going to ask for another schedule.

3 Responses to “I Miss My Doctor!”

  1. Aice says:

    well next time make sure you have your mobile ON reminders ^_^

  2. Aice says:

    I hope you always visit these sites

    Aice Nice Concepts

  3. Elizar says:

    Thanks sa tip Aice.. :D, problem was may pasok sa office.. ay, and wala pang work sched nun.. :)


    will visti your site! promise! :D

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