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Second Look At IBackup

The first time I reviewed IBackup last May, I was mentioning the importance of doing backup and placing it somewhere off-site. Also mention there that the online storage service really accomplished that requirement. This time, let’s do a more thorough second look at the services of IBackup and its notable features.

IDrive for IBackup

If you’re familiar Windows Explorer and the mapping of remote folder, you’ll surely appreciate the IDrive for IBackup. This will enable you to map your online storage account to your local PC so you can easily copy, drag-and-drop, edit files directly on your mapped IDrive.

Web Folders

With Web Folders, you can also access your IBackup account through the use of your web browser. Just like in IDrive you can easily drag and drop files to and from the web browser directly to your online storage.

Web Manager

This is just like Web Folders but with collaboration features for Sharing and Account Management.

Sub Accounts

Still in collaborative online storage and access, with Sub Accounts you can create sub-sections within your main account more access control.

IDrive Multimedia

This feature is for playing streaming media (both music and video) using your favorite Media Player.

IDrive for Mac

The IDrive mentioned above are for the PC. For Mac users, there is also a version of IDrive that is  an excellent desktop interface for Mac. Anything that can be done on and IDrive for PC can also be done in a Mac.


With ILite, the data on your IBackup storage can be accessed using your mobile/handheld devices such as Blackberry, PocketPC and Treo.

To Sum Up….

Like I said in my first review on IBackup, part of a System Administrator’s job is to secure important and confidential corporate/company data. This is the main purpose of IBackup, to backup your important data in a secure and remote place. Now, you can also access and collaborate with peers with its additional features!

These products just keeps on getting better and better.

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