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Explosion at Glorietta! Terrorist Bombings? (Video)

Glorietta Bombing explosionI woke up at 3:00pm today (work at night shift in Ayala) and my wife informed me that there was an explosion in Glorietta today around mid-afternoon!

Immediately checked the news for an update. The office I work with is just a few more blocks away from Glorietta. This is a shock!

As of 3:30pm, here are the information so far from the incident:

Confirmed dead reached as high as 4 and 40 wounded. Ground Zero was confirmed to be at the Lobby area of Glorietta 2.

The last time that these kind of thing happened in the Makati area was the Valentines’ Day bombings of 2005.

Although it is not confirmed what could have caused the explosion, it is said that it could be an LPG tank at Luk Yuen Restaurant though this report is still being investigated.

Update: Latest update confirmed that the impact of the explosion could not have been caused by an LPG tank.

Anyway, I’m preparing to go to work. I hope that by the time I reached Ayala, the traffic has subsided.

I pray that the number of those hurt (or dead) does not climb an alarming number.

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4 Responses to “Explosion at Glorietta! Terrorist Bombings? (Video)”

  1. pam says:

    really. i was shocked when i heard about this thing. rawr. what is happening to our country?! :neutral:

  2. CM says:

    yeah, me too. i really feel sorry for the victims. Ingat ingat na sa pag shoshopping ngayon.

  3. Dexter says:

    Really it is really shcking to see this happening at Philippines.

  4. Elizar says:

    You should see it guys… grabe talaga lakas ng pagsabog… tsk tsk..

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