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Eating My Own Words

PIC041 Yes, yes I know, you’re right. I’m eating up my own words right now. It has only been a week since my account PPP was re-activated with a corresponding post saying that I will never ravenously post sponsored reviews on this blog. But here I am, already did four (4) of them in 4 days. Well, at least I cut down a bit. Before the suspension (and before the 2 post a day rule), I did 3 to 4 post a day!

Four sponsored posts?! Where are they?!” you might ask.

Before answering that question, I must say that this blog really is Everything Eli. I will only post stuff that is related to me, either directly or whatever.

These may include work (mostly grunts :), sidelines, business (remember the Inner Child posts?), family, computers and technology, Google and internet (internet news), Music (all those Matchbox 20 and Beatles posts, remember?), Movies and Television (Heroes, Smallville, LOST, Supernatural etc.) News and all other stuff in the internet I found amusing.

So, Where Are The Posts?

Since the re-activation of my PPP account, the thing that changed view on PPP is that I am no longer taking just any post. I am now a little picky of which to take, opportunities that are more of Eli that money.

For example, I bought this new (well, second-hand) pocket pc / phone the other day, but prior to that I’ve been browsing some review sites and checking. My post about Nextel was the first one. (or course you knew. :). Even thought that is a paid post, I still want it to be a little everything-eli-ish.

Second one was the document scanner post. What I did say there was true. Our Internet Shop really do not have scanning services. There’s just no demand on those… Business… still everything-eli-ish.

The recent ‘tragic’ thing that happened at work was the third post. I don’t want to talk about it. It still hurts. :)

And the most recent is the post you see just below this one – The Second Look at IBackup.

Money is Money is Money

Why should I stop using PPP when this is one of the main income earner of this blog? Yes, that doing sponsored post may hurt my ranking on Google and a possible PR deduction, but hey, I don’t rank that well anyway. :)

What really made me re-think my stand on PPP and sponsored post in general is that I found out that I am not the only blogger who do this. Of course there are thousands of blogger out there who are members of Payperpost, but there are actual many pro-blogger who do PPP (and Sponsored Reviews, Review ME and others).

So, if these professional ones do PPP, why can’t I? And according to them, PPP is one of their traffic generators. :D

So for now, I think I’ll keep the everything-eli-ish post.

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