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No Salary… The Whining Continues…

Ladies and gentlemen, this post is related to the previous one. The one below this post. The one where we received no salary. Well, we did received our pay slips, but what good does a Php32 pay check do?

Come on, take a guess. Sabi nga ni Ruffa Mae, “Push Your Luck!”.. :)

More Info On Eli’s Budget

Every month (or twice a month) my wife and I put away certain amount for certain things. Important things – for insurance. This is no ordinary cheap car insurance, but Matthew’s education.

Yes, every payday we put away some Php 3K for Matthew’s education plan and another Php 3k for my life insurance.

And that’s just for the life insurance! Good thing (?) we still do not have home insurance or car insurance – because we don’t have our own home and car respectively. :)

If problems keep coming in, good thing I can handle it and not give up to the point that I eat Jobox

About Life Insurance

God I hope I’ll never have to use this one. A few weeks back, I purchase a Variable life insurance from Sun Life. Like I said on the previous post, this is part life insurance part fund investment.

It’s a Php 39K annual payment for both life and investment. If ever something happened to me, my family will be provided with a lump sum of money so they can go on with their lives (and invest) and live on even without me… (Geez, I don’t even want to think about that)

Anyway, this super one-time withholding tax deduction really hurts those who aren’t prepared. I hope we can get through for the next 15 days, till the next payday comes.

As for us, there’s an extra money from the savings and some more from Innerchild.

Thank God for small business.

8 Responses to “No Salary… The Whining Continues…”

  1. gebnius24k says:

    Buti nga me 32 pesos ka pa, pwe -700 ako!

  2. Elizar says:

    hehehe, ain’t 700 better than 32?! :D

  3. genius24k says:

    NEGATIVE as in ( – ) 700, how is that better?

  4. Elizar says:

    omg.. im sorry. hahaha, may utang ka pa! :)

  5. rhycel says:

    amf saken -2000+….kakagigil

  6. genius24k says:

    malaki lang sweldo mu kaya -2000 big time LOL

  7. rachel says:

    so palakihan g negative dito… -577 lng ako hehe..

  8. Elizar says:

    hahaha, si Pedro nga -P6K+ eh…

    tama ba yuN? negative na may K pa may + pa.. hahahha

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