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It’s Confirmed! We Have No Sweldo!

The nightmare that every employee doesn’t want to come true has just happen to all the personnel at (insert company name and department here)! Payday with no money!

How the f@$#ck did that happen, you say?

Well, since we were absorbed/merged/integrated with our mother company 3 paydays ago, the withholding tax that supposedly be automatically deducted was not done.

We knew something will happen. Then one day, the email came. It’s an announcement that the tax will be a one-time deduction and that is scheduled on today’s (Oct 15) payday!


The Effects

It’s the domino effect. Affecting everything in a normal Filipino household. It definitely will have an impact on the budget and all other expenses.

Let me enumerate (inmylife):

  • First, the 2-week budget – groceries and all
  • Apartment rental – well, it’s mom’s apartment so there is no rent, but we still reserved a specific amount for the rent to be given some time in the future.
  • Matt’s Educational plan – yes, my boy is insured for his college tuitions and all (plus a life insurance for me! :D)
  • My life insurance – yes, i just took one with Sun life’s Variable Life Insurance thing.
  • Fund investment – same with Sun life.
  • Wife’s Caesarian savings – yes, she’s pregnant again.. on her 5th month now.
  • And other that I forgot..

Those basically are my 15-day expenses for the 15-day work payday. Today was grocery day and we did have one this morning…. Today also was Lois’s scheduled checkup to her OB.

Where the did I get the money for it?

5 Responses to “It’s Confirmed! We Have No Sweldo!”

  1. Rhycel says:


  2. Elizar says:

    Hey Rhycel, relax…

    If that’s your case and maybe that’s what everyone is thinking now.. I’m sure there’s a reason or something..

  3. Pao says:

    whoa! ang tindi naman. couldn’t they have done it on a staggered basis?

    i commend you for getting an educ plan & fund investment with the sunny company, i.e. sun life.

    here’s a trivia with a personal twist: the sunny company was the last company i worked for in the philippines. stayed there for almost 6 years. magaling sila mag-alaga ng employees. ;)

    bias or no bias, the best ang sunny company among the insurance companies in pinas. more than 100 years in existence na yan at never nagkaroon ng legal case. pwera biro!

  4. N!cE says:

    sunlife din ang insurance namin and meron din kaming MU from them

  5. Elizar says:

    Hi Pao, thanks for putting up those good word for Sunlife… i was having second though pa nga before eh.. comparing with philam.. pero im taking your word.. :D talagang ok nga sila.. :D


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