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O2’s XDA Zinc… One Big Headache

Yesterday morning, I decided to meet up with the seller of the XDA Zinc from TipidPC (who also posted on Ebay, Airfagev and bidshot) to check out the unit and possible to buy it!

The Meet Up

He She was unable to come but she asked her sister-in-law to take her place. We met in Jollibee in Commerce Bank. She brought with her 2 second hand unit of the PDA phone. With my officemate (Peter), we inspected both phone ’till our heart content. I checked the casing, the stylus, the screen (it does have a screen protector), the battery, earphones and overall I was satisfied.

So, I bought one. Big mistake.

Here Comes The Problems

The problems came along that very same day (Monday afternoon) at home. When I was sleeping (I was on night shift at work), my wife was playing with it – testing all the features I tested that morning. When all of the sudden, it went blank.

And that’s just the beginning… Here’s the complete list:

  • Blackout. It went blank even with 60% battery
  • Not charging
  • No signal. Intermittent on/off signal.
  • and the very latest, unable to make outgoing call

Time To Seek Some Help

The next day, that’s today, I went to Smart Wireless Center to have them check if there is something wrong with their (Smart Gold) network, since once they did have an outage with Smart Gold in a Multi Line sim. But there was no issue on their side.

I also tried looking for answers at airfagev.com. Here’s what I said:

I’m using a postpaid smart sim. When using XDA Zinc, I can send/receive SMS and incoming calls but unable to make outgoing calls. Same with pre-paid Smart. (pero ok sa ibang unit/phone – XDA2)

When using Globe sim (prepaid) ok naman sya.. nakakatawag sya nakakareciv/send ng text.

So, im thinking sa configuration lang siguro to. Checked every icon.. wala ako makita pwedeng nag cause eh..

Help anyone?

You can also see the above here.

Lesson Learned

Don’t buy second hand units. It’s cheaper, yes but expect the headaches to come soon. In my case, it was sooo soon, that same afternoon! Darn!

4 Responses to “O2’s XDA Zinc… One Big Headache”

  1. Reyn says:

    whoa.. i’m almost afraid to ask how much it costed you. ganda pa naman nung model. hmm. maybe it’s with the configuration or something? unlocked ba talaga yung phone or has it been “locked” before you bought it? kasi yung phone ko before, it had the settings of the previous carrier and i had to change it first to make my sim work..

  2. Elizar says:

    Hi Reyn.. mura lang sya, second-hand kasi. :D

    And yes, I think it’s unlocked since, I can send and receive text messages.. may incoming din kasi. So, in all, working yung sim.. it’s just the outgoing… weird.

    Called up Smart, baka daw naka line 2.. potek, di ko naman i-switch to line 1 tong Zinc na eto. :D

  3. Reyn says:

    How about complaining to the seller Kuya? Wala ba yang warranty?
    Sayang naman if it’s not gonna be what you paid for.

  4. Elizar says:

    Hi Reyn, I did contact the seller, actually mag meet sana kami yesterday afternoon.. kaya lang, nung nag upgrade ako ng ROM (see Here) nag ok naman, kaya ok na. :D

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