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Secret Messages of Revolution 9 BackMasked (backwards) by The Beatles

Remember my post about John Lennon’s hidden message on a backmasked song “Tomorrow Never Knows“?

Although there are lots of things that you can hear when you turn a song around, they are only bits and pieces. There really is no song (or anything produced in a recording studio) that is backmaskable from beginning to end, meaning the whole song.

Except for one. The Beatles’ Revolution Number 9.

Revolution 9

Revolution 9, a “song” from The Beatles’ White Album, is one of the first projects of many collaboration of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It is complete non-sense when I first heard it (Thanks to my father who bought the 2-disc CD of The White Album). I listened to it in full once and then never again – skip it ever since. It’s a whole 8 and a half minutes of junk.

Revolution 9 Backwards…

Like I said, if you listen to the song (?) in a normal way, all you hear are crowds cheering and chanting and a recording studio technician saying “Number 9” repeatedly. Although the monologue and conversation and the chanting are clear, but when back masked you’ll here these:

“Paul is Dead…”

“His suicide was… Oh shit”

“Turn me on, dead man.”

“Why you suck me?”

And on and on and on for the whole 8 minutes…. Here’s the video (from Yutube)of Revolution nine with transcription (back masked).

Creepy isn’t it?Download and listen to Revolution 9

2 Responses to “Secret Messages of Revolution 9 BackMasked (backwards) by The Beatles”

  1. Reyn says:

    creepy indeed.. now, my next question is.. what do they get out of doing backmasking?

  2. Elizar says:

    did you download the mp3? that is one weird piece of (junk) project that john and yoko did… and im a big fan of john.

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