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Everything Eli’s 501th Post

When I logged in to my blog today (as I get ready to pack my things up to leave), I noticed from the dashboard that:

Blog Stats

There are currently 500 posts and 1,310 comments, contained within 57 categories

Nice! Has it been that long?! That number still does not include the pre-Wordpress posts that I did few years back. The blog engine I used then was bBlog (check my archive links if you’re interested) and before that was html/notepad. :D

I started doing paid post (payperpost) last May 13 with this article and started joining affiliate programs (like TextLinkAds, Widgetbucks, Bidvertiser) last few months and Widgetbucks few weeks and AuctionAds and ReviewMe last night.. :) This domain is banned by Google Adsense

Now, I want to know is how much I earned with that 500 posts. I don’t know… $10 maybe? :) That I have to find out…

2 Responses to “Everything Eli’s 501th Post”

  1. Allen says:

    Congratulations! I just passed by 100th post last week. ^_^

  2. Elizar says:

    Hey, congratulations to you too! :D, sadly, 80+ posts are apparently sponsored/PPP articles.. so not counted ko yun> :D

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