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Reasons For A Google Page Rank (PR) Drop

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a loud buzz – big bang, if you would – on the blog world right now about Google penalizing blogs that are selling text links or are full of sponsored posts.

I’ve been asking myself why my PR dropped from PR4 to PR3 last August and I think, most probably that these are the cause.

Here some reasons why Google penalize a blog and thus decreasing its Page Rank – if not removing it from their index.

  • Posting Duplicate Content
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Selling Text Links Ads
  • and others… Please share…

Like I said, Everything Eli blog had a PR of 4 last July 2007, the day I posted that Google will be updating Page Ranks for their indexed websites. A month later, blog’s PR dropped to 2!

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content was my first suspect in my PR drop. Although Google doesn’t too much wait on it specially if there are no malicious intent it is “not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results”.

Here is my say on duplicate content.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is putting bunch of words that is not relevant to your site or blog. Perfect example here is Alex Chiu‘s site. Alex claims that Google doesn’t want people know about his invention but the truth is, the site is bombarded with keywords that is totally not related to his website.

Always remember what Matt Cutt‘s (he’s the head of Google Webspam group) said,

Google reserves the right to do what we think is best to maintain the relevance of our search results, and that includes taking action on keyword stuffing.

Selling Text Links Ads

This has been in discussion for some time now in relation to PR drop and Google penalizing website who do sell text links. Search Engine Land has confirmed that Selling Paid Links will hurt your PR as much as -2. Ouch!

With that, I am 100% sure that my PR dropped last August was because of too much payperpost.

I say, if Google will start deducting PRs on website with paid links, I think PPP should not include Google PR as one of their critiria in giving out higher paying opportunities.


14 Responses to “Reasons For A Google Page Rank (PR) Drop”

  1. Reyn says:

    Page rank.. hmm. I have not really seen a change in mine and I believe it lies with the fact that I do not add much adverts and when I do, I do not give it a recent date? I don’t know if that has an effect though..

    About your question in my blog whether you are in my VIP list, yes you are Kuya! ;]

  2. derek says:

    yikes. sakit naman nun. wala ba explanation google dito? i-sue mo kaya :D

  3. Elizar says:

    @Reyn, wow yey, im part of the VIPs.. :D

    anyway, im sure you have a very good record on Google, having PR of 3 and all.. keep it up!

  4. Elizar says:

    @derek, may explanation nga sila eh.. they don’t like paid links.. saka ayaw daw nila bumaba quality ng search result nila with these sponsored links etc etc.

  5. McBilly says:

    This can really be a big ouch! Google means business and it’s been cleaning a lot of the link baiting techniques used by bloggers. It’s all because of Chow! hehe

  6. Reyn says:

    Kuya, is it also possible to make the PR higher by being linked by other high PR blogs?

  7. Elizar says:

    @McBilly, right you are sir! :D

  8. Elizar says:

    Hi Reyn! Yes, that is really the best way to gain higher PR.

  9. N!cE says:

    ah kaya pala. Thanks for this enlightening post Eli. My friend and i are wondering about the sudden drop of her PR lately.

  10. amore says:

    I went down 1 PR too.. from 3 became 2.. :(

  11. sasha says:

    I actually checked with the programs and 1 of them does not really use page rank as a criteria for the blogs they accept. Sponsored Reviews make use of link popularity, Alexa rank and Technorati rank instead of page rank. Although of course advertisers look for PR, then again I still bid on those opps kahit Sasha says ko wala pang PR dati and yun ang malaki ang kinikita talaga. PPP is also changing the way they rank blogs. I think that’s what Argus is all about. Soon we don’t need page rank in PPP. PayU2Blog is another program that is not particular with page rank.

    Masakit ginawa ng Google sobra kapitbahay! Alam mo bang I have a PR5 blog that dropped to 2 and I just found out a while ago. Yung 1 ko pang PR4 dropped to 1. Bad trip sobra! Buti na lang the programs I mentioned look at Alexa rank din otherwise wala…

    And I agree with Tina Silva (she has a take on this issue). Google could have done something not to hurt us bloggers like this. Galit sila kasi bumaba malamang kita ng Adsense nila dahil sa bloggers na naga-advertise yung mga businesses ngayon!

    Sorry napahaba na, kapitbahay. Galit kasi ako talaga.

  12. Mike says:

    marerekober pa kya ung dati mong page rank?

  13. Elizar says:

    HI Mike, sabi ng ilang bloggers, i could try putting nofollow sa mga sp0ns0red links (kung di ko tatanggalin) and remove the sp0sored post category and try and submit for reconsideration sa google webmasters…

    problem is, dami ko na yatang sponsored post eh.. tagal bago ko matapos.. or tinatamad nako.. kaya hayaan nalnag. :D

  14. Mike says:

    sayang din un :(

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