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How To Start Yahoo Webcam… By a 1-year Old

Naks, parang blog ni Carl Ocab ah.. hehehe

Already posted this to my (more) personal blog. Sorry but I just could not resist re-posting this screen capture from my mom’s desktop computer.

matthew Yahoo Webcam

This is my 1 year 7 1/2 month old baby boy… Matthew. And that is his first web cam experience. Like I said, this was taken this morning while composing my post on How To Block Yutube traffic.

I was doing a screen capture of the router‘s web configuration interface, not North Face, when all of the sudden, my baby came rushing on my lap and took the mouse and keyboard from and and started doing what I’m doing… Well, sort of.

I had to take a break. Who could resist that little devil’s angel’s charm? Certainly not me…

Love you Matt.

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