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The Superman Logo

Trivia time boys and girls!

With the start of Smallville’s 7th season – Just watched episode 2 entitled “Kara” by the way – Let’s sit and talk about the Superman logo for a moment.

Have you ever wonder where that classic Superman logo came from? Or what’s the idea behind the design and the colors?


Of course, everyone knows that the original Superman character was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster on the 1930s. The funny thing was “Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster first created a bald telepathic villain bent on dominating the entire world” with the story title “The Reign of the Superman”. They later reformat the character which now better knows as The Superman.,

The Logo

Superman Logo

The Superman logo is one of the most recognizable sign or logo ever created. And with the amazing design, comes with an amazing story behind it. First the super letter “S”. At first though, you may think that the ‘S’ logo came from the creators’ surname – Siegel and Shuster – (and that is possible almost the perfect reason perhaps) but they wanted to use the first letter of the character’s name, and since it was Superman, hence the ‘S’. It also stands for “Saving Lives, Stopping Crime and giving Super-Aid wherever it’s needed.”

The Design

The ‘S’ is inscribed in a yellow shield with red bordered. The design was taken from a Square and Compass symbol of a Master Mason; of Freemasonr.

Master Mason Freemasonr

The Square and Compass has come to represent diagram of the world, caught between the mind or spiritual world (The Compass) and the realm of the physical, the earthly plane (The Square).

Deep. Did you get that? Ang lalim.. :)

4 Responses to “The Superman Logo”

  1. jhanok says:

    whew…ang lalim nga

  2. becky says:

    wow.. that’s an interesting trivia..

    i find mason story interesting tlga. dont know y, pero eversince n mabasa ko ung novel bout them in one of Dan Brown novel nacurious n me s knila. ^^

    nwei.. im hopping from fion ^^

  3. Elizar says:

    @diane.. lalim no? hahahah

  4. Elizar says:

    Thanks for dropping by becky! please do drop by again…

    I’m not familiar with the mason story, but since na mention mo, na curious tuloy ako.. :)

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