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Back Masked Beatle Song Proves John Lennon Is Not An Anti-Christ

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In celebration of John Lennon’s 67th birthday (October 9, 1940), I would like to dedicated this post to him. I hope that this will help clear up the notions once and for all that John Lennon really is NOT an anti-Christ that many people (specially the not-so fan) think he is. He is just a man who have had a difficult childhood that may have contributed on the John Lennon that the public eyes saw (and heard).

Is John Lennon An Anti-Christ?

Here are some things, quotes (and facts, if you prefer) that people associates with Mr. Lennon that made them think that he was one.

  • The top on the list is, of course, is what John said as quoted by Maureen Cleave. She works on the Evening Standard. You may read the original article here.

Christianity will go… We are more popular than Jesus now.

  • Still on the same article – John says that the disciples are ruining the image of Jesus for him.

Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me

  • From John Lennon’s song “GOD“, a song from his post-Beatles album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. With these lyrics:

God is a Concept by which
we measure our pain…
I don’t believe in Bible…
I don’t believe in Jesus

  • John being an advocate of Pagan Religion
  • or as quoted by Ray Coleman “I sold my soul to the devil.”

I’m sure there’s a lot of it and we could even make a separate post/article about that (Hey, topic idea!). But I think the list alone is enough to make a not-so-fan despise John Winston Lennon.

The Back Masked Song Tells It All

I tell you with all honesty, if there are lots of articles and quotes saying John Lennon is an anti-Christ, the number is double proving that John Lennon really do believe in Jesus and God. But since I’m sharing my finding (all over the internet) we’ll stick with the back masking thing.

The Discovery

I found this back masked/hidden message by accident while playing a Beatles cassette tape (Revolver) on a defective Walkman. This Walkman has an auto-reverse feature, meaning after you played all of Side-A and reached the end of the tape, Side-B will automatically start playing without any action coming from you.

Or you can manually set the reverse. So while playing Side A for example, you can toggle a switch and you’ll hear the song on Side B, without flipping the tape.

The Song and The Message

That’s when it happened. While playing “Tomorrow Never Knows“, I accidentally switched the auto-reverse button but instead of paying the other side of the cassette tape, it still played the current song, but in a ‘back masked’ way.

And here it goes… What I heard was “That Love is Jesus Christ!

Try listening to the song, specifically the part on 1:26 – 1:32. The lyrics there is “That Love is All and Love is Everyone.” That alone is a very positive message. But if you’ll noticed at 1:28 you’ll hear a short flute-like sound.

That’s the mark!

Try and reversing the tape there and you’ll hear the message! The flute sound will be somewhere in the ‘all’ part. So the message will be “That Love is Jesus Christ”!

In Closing

You may think that this is pure coincidental. Well, it’s not at least I don’t think so. During the recording of the Revolver album, The Beatles are experimenting and playing around with different things that they can incorporate on their album – including back masking. If you’d noticed the solo/ad lib part of the song, it was back masked! And the flute sound… He put it there as a clue for someone to find the message. :)

So there, just want to share. Once I thought of sharing this to Steve’s Beatles Page, but changed my mind. Also checked Song Facts, no info about it there. So I guess, this is really the first time this was revealed!

4 Responses to “Back Masked Beatle Song Proves John Lennon Is Not An Anti-Christ”

  1. jhanok says:

    one proof that you’re a die hard fan.lolz

  2. Elizar says:

    really? I thought di pa masyado halata eh.. :)

  3. LennonFan says:

    I’m happy that you’ve discovered it, but when i tried it with my goldwave software i didn’t hear anything like that…

  4. Elizar says:

    Too bad you didn’t here it.

    Let me try and get that part of the message… I’ll email it to you.

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