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Photo Quality of the Bse7ven Mobile Phone / TV Receiver

JVC Flat Screen TV
For the sake of those people asking about the Bse7ven phone – with TV receiver – (and there are 7 of them on my last count), here are some of the pictures taken using that phone… Yes, yes I know.. It’s unedited…

My mom and I took some picture at home before going out. The resolution was set to 1280 x 960 which is the highest it take. Other resolutions are:

  • 160 x 120
  • 320 x 240
  • 640 x 480

Anyway, here are some samples:

palad family jollynanay3

matt kissjolly hotdog you like

Hope it helps those who are contemplating of getting one of these phones.

Check out all the pictures taken from this camera on my A Day In A Life (much more) personal blog.


4 Responses to “Photo Quality of the Bse7ven Mobile Phone / TV Receiver”

  1. CM says:

    Wow, is that your wife? lovely! :)

  2. Elizar says:

    Hi CM, no.. she’s our yaya.. hehehe, just kidding, yep she’s Matt’s mom.. :D

  3. joy says:

    ok un quality ng photos ah! panalo. how much is it?

    i also have a tag for you

  4. Elizar says:

    Hi Joy, mom bought it (with interest) around 15K.. pero may nag comment (si Thet) that it is available at 9k..

    pwede na..

    will check out the tag.. thanks thanks!

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