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I Prefer WidgetBucks Than Google Adsense

i love widget

Trying to go with the flow here… Soon everyone will talk about it, WidgetBucks! Here’s another way of monetizing you blog.

Widgetbucks is like any other widget you put on you WordPress sidebar. BUT WAIT! When you loyal reader (me), visit your blog and click on the product the widget is displaying and visits the advertiser’s page… YOU MAKE MONEY! Hey, did I make that bold enough for you to notice?

You get paid for every click your reader makes on your chosen widget.

If you want to know how these widgets looks like, check out my left sidebar. Yep. you wont see Blogrush there anymore.. :)

Sign Up And Get $25

Dude, signing up is so easy and fast! You’ll only need to put in your email and password… That’s it! It will only take you less than a minute (Assuming you’re a fast typist, if not.. hey, ask for help).

Minimum payout for Widgetbucks is $50 dollars compared to Adsense’s $100. And more good news, if you sign up you’ll get your first $25 now! So you only need to earn $25 in order to receive you first $50 check (or paypal)!


Aside from readers-clicking-your-widget way of earning money, you can also earn some more by referring others to sign up. (So sign up! :) You can have some buttons and banner for you blog. One thin I noticed is that most of it has dull green colors that I doubt will fit nicely on your blog. See Pinoybanda for example.. Ugly! Yuck! (hey, come on, I’m being honest here)

And since we’re being honest here, for Everything Dash Eli dot Com, I love WidgetBucks than Google Adsense. Why? Because Adsense doesn’t like Everything-Eli.

3 Responses to “I Prefer WidgetBucks Than Google Adsense”

  1. Honney says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Eli! Will try this.

  2. marhgil says:

    kakapost ko lang about widgetbucks, pagpunta ko dito, ito rin topic mo. hehehe. sana nga, pumatok to :)

  3. pam says:

    kuya, since naghahanap ako ng extra income ngayon, hehe. tanong ko lang, pwede ba yan kahit walang paypal? pano yung mode ng payment nila? :)

    try ko nga yan.. sana may ibang mode sila ng payment. :D

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