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My RSS Subscribers

My very first RSS experience on this blog was during the very last few days of July. That was the time when I read Pinoyblogero’s post about RSS.

That was the time I learned about the terms:

I Don’t Give A Damn About RSS

Now, every body’s into getting more RSS subscriber. Why? Well, aside from a big chance of having some loyal reader, there is also a possibility of monetizing RSS feeds. So having 500 RSS subscribers or more will make you money!

How? I am really not sure… I only have 5 subscribers. (Please subscribe to my RSS feed. :)

Kidding aside though, you’ll earn money through advertisers. Check out feedburner for more details.. (Or subscribe to John Chow and see his direct advertisers at the bottom of the feed post.)

The Race Is On… And The Winner Is…

Most bloggers want more subscribers, they give tips, some beg (like me) and some do the dance of joy when reached the 100 subscriber mark.

While most of the newbie bloggers struggle hard to have loyal readers and feed subscribers, the giants like John Chow and Shoemaker challenge each other on some RSS competition on who’s better at getting more. (And if you subscribe to John Chow, I may win a prize! ;)

For Eli and His Readers

And so, while everyone else is very busy getting more readers, I sit here reading their post and learning things on how to do what they do… And pretty soon, I’ll have my own 500 subscribers. :)

5 Responses to “My RSS Subscribers”

  1. derek says:

    ei thanks for the trackback :D naka subscribe na ko sa yo

  2. N!cE says:

    hahaha! you’ll soon hit the 100th subscriber mark Eli. :) Don’t forget me when that time comes ha. :)

  3. Elizar says:

    @Derek, thanks for subscribing! :) Visit ka na rin sa shop.. :D

  4. Elizar says:

    @N!ce, hahaha, thanks sa support! hehehe, ikaw una ko ng treat! :)

  5. SELaplana says:

    gawa ka bro ng mga pakulo sa blog mo at sikapin mong maging feed subscribers ang ibang visitors mo…

    alam ko magagawa mo ring pataasin ang feed readers mo

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