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I Had Dinner With John Chow

John Chow ElizarThe dude from 45n5 dot com once made a link bait blog post about Blogger Look-A-Like. He saw a post with a picture of him and Russell Crowe side by side.

But I will not feature some famous, big time blogger who looks like Eli (me). Instead, I’ll feature myself and John Chow having dinner!

How cool is that?! Me eating dinner with the dot com mogul?!

Here’s the man having fun with his friends showing off how big their package is:

If you don’t know Mr. Chow (what?!!) he’s the one in the rightmost part of the pic.

And here I am with Mr. Chow! Nice eh?!

John Chow dinner with Everything Elizar

In fairness to Mr. Chow, both of them look good but my (ex-) boss, insists that he’s more good looking… :)

2 Responses to “I Had Dinner With John Chow”

  1. jhanok says:

    hahaha!humour/funny ang tag…

    si kenkoy!

  2. Elizar says:

    ssshhhh jhanok… behave… :D

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