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Pinoy Banda and Everything Elizar September 2007 Statistics

It’s another month, and another disappointment. Here I’ll show you the traffic, visitor, page views and other statistics of Pinoy Banda and Everything Eli so you’ll tell all your friends to visit the blogs. Ayt?

This month (and all succeeding months) we’ll be using Google Analytics instead of Awstats. Why? Because Mark Verzo of Boy Bastos was busted…

No seriously, because those two show different numbers. Not that I trusts Google more… well, I do trust Google more.. Also, I have several blogs I want to monitor traffic and other stuff and Analytics can monitor all of it in one central place. Unlike Awstats where you have to check each blog’s cpanel. Plus, everyone else is using it, I should too. :)

Alright, One last look for Awstats numbers, and here is everything-eli for the month of September:

Reported period Month Sep 2007
  Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
Traffic viewed * 5407 8654
(1.6 visits/visitor)
(3.38 Pages/Visit)
(13.44 Hits/Visit)
636.35 MB
(75.29 KB/Visit)
Traffic not viewed *   7118 7247 118.45 MB

Here’s what Google has to say:

  • Unique Visitors: 1,520 (vs. last month: 1,601)
  • Page Views: 2,953 (vs. last month: 3,583)

How humiliating…
For Pinoy Banda:

Reported period Month Sep 2007
  Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
Traffic viewed * 7004 13913
(1.98 visits/visitor)
(2.63 Pages/Visit)
(4.63 Hits/Visit)
481.21 MB
(35.41 KB/Visit)
Traffic not viewed *   33005 36857 291.19 MB

Comparing this from last month (August), we see a much better number. Last month there was only 4,966 uniqe visitors, now it’s 7004. And some of it was search engine referrals. :)

Page views also increased from 26,391 to 36,716.

Now, comparing those numbers with Analytics:

For Pinoybanda, data if from September 1 to September 30:

  • Unique Visitors: 3,719 (vs. last month: 3,247)
  • Visitors referred by other site: 1,799 (48.37%)
  • Visitors referred by Search Engines: 1,596 (42.91%)
  • Direct Traffic: 322 (8.66%) (vs. last month:
  • Page Views: 9,770 (vs. last month: 8,452)

Pathetic ain’t it? Now, go tell your friends to come and visit…

Sabi nga ni Freddy Krueger… “I’ll be waiting…”.

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