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Paypal Philippines Can Now Accept Payments

Sweeeetttt… what a better way to start a day than with a good news like this..

Paypal logoThat’s the comment I posted on Marhgil’s blog. Philippine flag is now listed Paypal’s Received, Send and Withdraw section.

Every blogger (or online marketer or E-entrepreneur or whatever it is you want to call them) in the Philippines has been waiting for this good news. Now they can do… well, lots of things with Paypal I guess.

Someone already tested sending Marhgil a dollar just to test, and guess what.. It went through… Check out the screen shot.

The only thing I noticed is that, there’s this .33 cent (USD) fee for the 1 USD transfer. Well, personally, even though Paypal is accepted, that would still be an issue. Imagine a thirty three percent fee for every transaction made in Paypal? That’s A LOT.

My current Paypal accepts payments but without the fee. So, I guess I’ll still stick with my friend’s Singaporean Paypal for now and have him remit the money to me directly… Thanks Jasper.. Hehehe..

4 Responses to “Paypal Philippines Can Now Accept Payments”

  1. thet says:

    eh??? di ko nakita ung list ng supported card services…i had my metrobank femme listed there eh..pag di ito supported, papalitan ko na lang.

  2. N!cE says:

    mahal naman ng fees ano?

  3. joy says:

    ayus kaso ang mahal naman ng fees. baka bumaba din yan eventually :) for now, ke amore pa din muna ko LOL

  4. Elizar says:

    Hi Thet.. not sure din eh… i’ll stick pa rin with SG’s paypal.. :)

    Hey, Nice… (I still havent’ go tyour name.. :) .. kainis no? may fee pa.. sayang..

    Joi!, Kay Ms. amore pala gamit mo.. hehehehe, ako kay Jasper Torres!.. hahahaha

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