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Heroes Season 2 Episode 1 Spoiler – Four Months Later

Heroes Season 2 Episode 1

There that’s done. Finished watching downloaded premier episode of HeroesFour Months Later.

The last episode of season one – How To Stop an Exploding Man – left us with all the characters together in one scene stopping Sylar. Pete and Sylar had finally met again to finish the battle, of course with Hiro helping Peter. DL, Jessica, Matt, Mr. Bennett, Claire, Mohinder, Molly and others are all there.

We also saw brothers Nathan and Peter flew together and an explosion was seen in the sky. And now, Season 2 begins… Four Months Later…

Claire and Noah Bennett Butler

Living a different life in California, Claire began her first day in high school with his father telling her to stay out of any body’s attention. She tried but could not help herself. She also met this guy, West, who apparently has some sort of powers himself.

Mr. Bennett now works in a copier company with an irritatingly nagging boss, who’s always breathing down his neck. He showed him! (So much for keeping the profile low)

Matt Parkman

Four months later, Matthew Parkman no longer directs traffic. He has become of the criminal police he always wanted after passing the required exams. He is also divorce to his wife.

Together with Mohinder Suresh, they adopted the ‘GPS’ girl Molly.

Mohinder Suresh

Still do the seminars and continues the work that his father left. He was approached by a man who apparently can turn a spoon (or anything he touches?) to gold, asking him to work for him… The Company.

Nathan Petrelli

Nathan is the one who’s living literally behind the shadows. After the incident with his brother, the former congressman of New York must keep his profile low. He supposedly died from the explosion together with his brother Pete but shown here four months later to be a bum.

Hiro Nakamura

After transporting himself to 5th century Japan, he met his hero – Kenshi…. Who turns out to be a whole different person compared to the Kenshi he read on books.

Peter Petrelli

And the most (not so) surprising of all, Peter Petrelli is still alive. He was shown at the last minute, chained in one of the cargo in some pier. Smugglers, who will supposedly heist loads of ipods, found Pete.. with his still power in tact but doesn’t know who he is.

There. DL, Jessica and other ‘Heroes’ was not yet presented on the season premier but I’m sure that the story will also build up on them. The first episode brought some questions than answers left from the first season’s last episode.

Everyone will surely wait for the next episode. I read somewhere that season two of Heroes will have 30 episodes. A few of them will build some new characters including Maya and Alejandro, who was also introduced on the first episode.

Episode 2, this Monday. Can’t wait.

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