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MyBlogLog Newest Member of Yahoo! Family

yahoo mybloglogI’m a little late at the news but apparently the Yahoo-buys-MyBlogLog headline is old news.

I just found that out this morning when I was logging in to my MyBlogLog account here at home. What greeted me was the usual MyBlogScreen with an announcement of “MyBlogLog is now part of the Yahoo Family”.

mybloglog yahoo

Did a little Googling and it is indeed old news. Yahoo bought MyBlogLog for 10 Million Dollars.

That is a lot money. This internet stuff really is a good business. Anyone want to buy everything-eli?

3 Responses to “MyBlogLog Newest Member of Yahoo! Family”

  1. N!cE says:

    talk about old news…i didn’t know about that until i’ve read your entry. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Elizar says:

    Thanks for dropping by.. *smile*

  3. Reyn says:

    amazing.. i wonder what they’ll buy next..

    oh, do you know facebook? Microsoft and Google are battling for ownership of it..

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