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Manila, Philippines: Not So Friendly According to Readers Digest

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Ross: “Is today the 20th, October 20th?”
Monica: “Oh, I was hoping you wouldn’t remember.”
Joey: “What’s wrong with the 20th?”
Chandler: “11 days till Holloween… All the good (sexy costumes) costumes are gone?”
Ross: “Today is the day, Carol and I consummated our physical relationship…. in sex. I think I’m just gonna go home, think about my ex-wife and her lesbian lover.”
Joey: “The hell with hockey! Let’s all do that!”

One of my favorite joke on FRIENDS! Still cracks me up every time I hear it in their official soundtrack CD.

Anyway, on October the 20th is not only Ross’ Consummating Day holiday but also Manila’s “Thank You Day“. This is after Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim announced that the said date will be the official ‘Thank You’ day in Manila.

This declaration is because of Readers Digest July 2006 issue findings that Manila is on the top 21 (41%) of the most courteous cities out of 35 around the globe with New York being number one with 81%. The least ‘friendly’ country is India with 35%.

So in order to clean up our image for being one of the ‘snob’ city, Mayor Alfredo Lim initiates the Manila “Thank You Day”

Sponsored nga pala to ng Toblerone! hehehe, so say Thank You ..

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