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Missing Sydney!

This is suppose to be yesterday’s post. Last year (September 24, 2006) was our first day training in Sydney office.

Rachel already published her post about that, so here is mine… Well, here’s my pictures.. :)

DSC02613 DSC02484DSC02584DSC02596DSC02482DSC02478DSC02421DSC02333Chelsy(091)Chelsy(079)SSA40326PA040114P1010171DSC08251DSC08250DSC03050DSC03023DSC02999DSC02979DSC02927DSC02833

I have to stop now.. Darn Flickr for their limits of a free account. My free account will only display the most recent 200 photos.. Oh well… Better check some alternative to flick… :)

2 Responses to “Missing Sydney!”

  1. rachel says:

    Happy Anniversary to UNIX and Windows Team!!!

    Kelan kaya tau makakabalik dun?? :)

  2. N!cE says:

    Oz is such a nice place to visit. I have the same photo infront of the Telstra stadium.

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