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Super Blogs #1

Alright! Here’s my first ever link lovin’ post! I called it Super Blog and this is issue number 1!

Sexy Nomad

Enticing isn’t it. First of all, she really is sexy… No. Goddess! She’s once an ABS CBN talent and a commercial model… She is ‘a very eccentric, street-smart, worldly, pragmatic, weird, paradoxical and multi-talented individual.’

You should also check here Fashion Blog… Cools stuff for fashionistas!

Ninja Thet

Like I said before, she’s my favorite ninja. Her ‘How to talk like Jack Bauer’ post still cracks me up! (sorry can’t find the link.. Thet, hirap mag search sa blog.. hehehe) We both love 24! (Well she loves Jack and I love Kim… Yeah, ok.. I love you too Jack!) and Prison Break and she once had a rock band! How great is that!? She’s one cool dudet that can handle people – she’s the supervisor!

She’s so cute and pretty and she’s also getting married.. sorry boys.

Sexy Mom

She’s one of the best mom you’ll ever find in pinoy bloggersphere. She’s a freelance writer, researcher, problogger, and new media adviser and a mother of 7 wonderful kids! I love reading her posts about her kids specially the series of post with her ‘abnormal kids, the alien tongue’ — such talents!

Marhgil Macuha

Did I get the spelling right? :) I first met Marhgil personally (though he probably doesn’t remember it) at (then) NEC Components Philippines, a manufacturing company in Calamba, Laguna. We have a common friend (back then)… well she’s still my friend anyway. :)

Few years later, I met him again online through Rachel. I learned a lot of things from Marhgil including my first attempts in SEO and succession planning. He even gave me an ebook on how to do it right.. And see where I am now? I guess I still have to read it a few times more, huh?

Culture Shiok

An Overseas Filipino Worker living in Singapore (seriously man, I still don’t know your real name :-) He’s blogging all about Singapore with a touch of Filipino style. Lately there have been lots (and I mean lots) IT job openings in SG, it’s so many I felt like they’re taking all the IT work force from the Philippines. If you’re one of the lucky ones stranded in SG, look for this guy. :)

For those people already in SG and for those planning, I super recommend his blog.

There, the first five of many Super Blog in Eli’s list… Many more to come… Share that love everyone :)

11 Responses to “Super Blogs #1”

  1. karmi says:

    musta na kuya? :)

    nice list of super blogs.. hehehe.. ^_^ i also love sexymom..

  2. karmi says:

    ako ulit.. heehe.. nasan na ung tagboard mo kuya? bagong layout lang un.. kapapalit ko lang ng theme ko.. ^_^

    ingatz lagi…

  3. Honney says:

    Hello, Eli! Musta na?

    Yeah, they all have very nice blogs. Blogmates ko silang lahat actually. Happy weekend!

  4. Reyn says:

    wow.. new blogs for me to explore ;]

  5. CM says:

    nice list. :) must check them out. :)

  6. Elizar says:

    Hi Karmi! Nice layout nga yung bago mo… Yung tagboard is nasa adayinalife http://www.everything-eli.com/adayinalife :)

    arte no? magkahiwalay pa.. hehehe,

  7. Elizar says:

    @Honney! oo nga, mga common blogmates natin sila.. :)

  8. Elizar says:

    @Reyn and CM.. go ahead na! Check em out na! :)

  9. marhgil says:

    uy! extra blog ko. :) i remember you, may pornographic memory yata to, hehehe. kaw pa, e lagi kang bukang bibig nun dati, nagseselos na nga ako dati sa iyo. hahaha. sir eli ;) about our common friend, pasabi na lang, long time, no see, asan na si dari? i think, she’ll know what i mean. :)

  10. Elizar says:

    Hi Marhgil, sige ikumusta kita… pa iba iba kasi number nun ngayon eh.. pero once na magtxt tanong ko kung nasan na si dari.. ;)

  11. Reyn says:

    oo na nga.. bumisita na nga po ;]

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