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Brontok.l is Rontkbr.Gen

trend micro pc cillin 2007I have 3 days to clean up these virus outbreak we’re experiencing right now at this puny internet/LAN shop that we have.


Last time, tried installing a fresh copy of Windows XP on a clean drive, installed Grisoft’s AVG Free antivirus and (slaved) scanned an infected disk from one of the computer. AVG says it’s infected with the Brontok.L worm.

The antivirus apparently ‘healed’ the worm, but a day after (or probably a few hours after), those pesky EXE files are back!

The Plan B

Well, there is no plan B…  What I just did was perform and online scan on Housecall and downloaded Trend Micro’s PC Cillin Internet Security 2007. 

During PC Cillin’s installation, it refuses to continue until AVG is removed from the system. Installer said that it’s not compatible with AVG (come on, talk about competition). So, AVG was removed and installation continues. After the registration, it started downloading update and immediately found the Rontkbr.Gen worm infecting a few many files.

Apparently, Brontok is Rontkbr.Gen for PC Cillin.

What now?

Well, I’m installing the free 30-day trial of PC Cillin on 3 computers including the timer/server. Still currently downloading. The result so far looks promosing. Let’s see what happens next…

It’s 10:31pm.. and it’s going to be a pretty long night….

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  1. Allen says:

    Kaspersky is the answer! Worship Kaspersky and be virus free… hehe :D

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