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SCO Unix Went Bankrupt… Because of Linux

Here’s one good news for Microsoft, SCO Group, those people who developed and marketed the famous SCO Unix has filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy last Friday.

The CEO of SCO group blames the business downfall on alternative Open Source operating system (which is one of their direct competitor), that includes Linux and all Linux flavors. The CEO was also quoted that most of their UNIX-based product “have been declining over the past several years.”

Those could have been the last two reason why they went bankrupt, but the misery probably started when they lost a case with Novell about the UNIX code copyrights. SCO Group has been collecting UNIX licenses (from Sun, Microsoft and others) that should have been Novell all along.

Well, that’s life. Funny thing is, before the court ruling, SCO was claiming that they own the UNIX copyright and they actually filed on Linux and other Linux group for copyright infringement… and then the court decision came out… OUCH!

So, I’ll be sticking with Ubuntu Linux for a while or of course I have an option of enjoying both worlds.

2 Responses to “SCO Unix Went Bankrupt… Because of Linux”

  1. palaboy says:

    Court decision about their case will surely hurt SCO a lot! BIGTIME!

  2. Elizar says:

    someone commented on sysadmindayph.com blog that SCO group is different from SCO Unix, in that case, I may need to edit my post too.. :)

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