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How To Clean The Brontok Worm

Last Saturday, all computers in our internet shop, Innerchild, were infected by some virus. I know this for a fact since the server / timer computer keeps on rebooting. Shame on me for not installing an antivirus!

Later that night, I found out that the virus (errr… worm) was Brontok.l

brontok.l worm

From the screen shot, the server was remotely scanned. The problem with local scanning was that the worm does not allow me to install any antivirus software, including housecall and other free online scanning services. (Thanks btw, to those who commented)

What I did was, install a fresh copy of Windows XP (offline) and install AVG (free antivirus software). I could have slaved the boot disk (main hard disk of the server) to this new machine but I just scanned it through the network first.

I will be reformatting the server and all 10 workstations connected to it. I believe that once a PC is compromised the only thing to do to ensure data integrity is to wipe it all clean.

I have work till Thursday so see them on Friday. I now have one workstation up… 10 more to go!

2 Responses to “How To Clean The Brontok Worm”

  1. CM says:

    sana maayos ang PC niyo kuya.

  2. Reyn says:

    Good luck on fixing that Kuya.. hopefully di na maulet..

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