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T3 T4 Laboratory Result

health: hyperthyroidismYesterday’s Thyroid checkup was all about the result of my T3/T4 laboratory.

For T3, the normal value specified is between 70 pmol/liter – 170 pmol/liter , mine was 60 pmol/liter.

For T4, the normal value is between 4.3 pmol/liter to 13 pmol/liter , mine was 1.6 pmol/liter.

The results was below normal. What does that mean? Well, first that means my Strumazole treatment was working. Working too much actually that T3 and T4 was too low. Few months before, those numbers are way up the normal value.

What my doctor did was lower the dosage.

T3, T4, T7 (and TSH) are Thyroid hormones in case you’re not familiar by the way. Hyperthyrodism is the case when thyroid hormone levels are very high. These are the ones that my doctor are closely monitoring. When all are normal and stable, it’s time for the radio active iodine treatment.

My next visit will be one October 20. Well post an update then.

You can check out what causes hyperthyroidsm here and a study made about T3 and T4 affecting moods here

BTW, one bad thing for having hyperthyroidism is that the life insurance company will void your account unless you disclose you have/had one.

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