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Strumazole Down To 15mg

Scheduled checkup today. Met with the doctor around 1:00pm (after Lois’ visit to her OB). After checking the result for the laboratory result for T3 and T4, I was prescribed with a much lower dosage of Strumazole – from 30mg to 15mg.

Looking back last May, (that was the time I collapse in the middle of Ayala), I was advised to take the highest milligram of Strumazole – that fre@k!ng medicine for Hyperthyrodism.

So there, at 15mg I hope that it will continue to drop to I can finally take those Radio Active Iodine to get rid of this thyroid once and for all.

Also check out my A Day In A Life for some of the things happened today unrelated to my checkup – probably all about Matthew and the movie Underdog… Most definitely. Father and Sons blog will also contain post about Lois’ third OB checkup.

Will do that tomorrow… It’s late and I need to zzzzz….

3 Responses to “Strumazole Down To 15mg”

  1. jhanok says:

    really?you collapsed in the middle of ayala?tsk tsk

  2. Elizar says:

    oh yes, i did.. scary aint it?

  3. jenny baldemeca says:

    sturmazole, thiamazole, tapazole I wonder if this kind of medicines can affect my pregnancy??

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