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TXTingo 9 :: The New Filipino Lottery

TXTingo Lotter 9ePLDT‘s 20% owned-company, Philweb Corp. announced the launch of the country’s newest mobile game. It is called TXTingo 9!

The announcement came after the approval from PAGCOR. The game already started yesterday. The initial jackpot prize for the game is set to Php 5 Million (though initial report says that it is Php 6.25M) and will increase if there are no winner(s) on the 12 noon draws.

This ‘new Philippine Lotto’ is initially open to all Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. All you need to do to join is to register and then type in ‘BET’ and the 9 numbers between 1 and 40. Send the message to 4646.

Every draw, the computer draw 10 numbers. If the user’s 9 numbers match, in any order, they win the jackpot!

Having seen that Filipinos are very much into these kind of games (and incredible  hope of instant wealth), this TXTingo 9 could appeal to the masses, not to mention that Philippines has millions of cellphones users!

I, myself I think will try my luck for time to time. :)

5 Responses to “TXTingo 9 :: The New Filipino Lottery”

  1. jhanok says:

    sorry,I’m using Globe =(

  2. malaya says:

    i’m sure it will be a big hit, because Pinoys are fond of gambling be it the low-tech like jueteng or the high-tech ways using the internet and cellphones.

    magkano komisyon? hehehe (kidding aside)

  3. Elizar says:

    @karen.. yep, pansin ko rin, pinoys love to gamble.. and wla ako commission eh.. hehhe, just wanted to pass the news. :)

  4. mangyan says:

    hirap manalo dito, picking 9 same numbers computer will generate… talagang swertehan na lang yan. yon ngang 6 sa lotto eh mahirap na, 9 pa kaya??

  5. Elizar says:

    yep, your right… mas maliit ang change namanalo sa 9 digits..

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