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Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTURK)

This is old news but I still want to share it for those not familiar with it yet.

I found this picture in my phone the other day which reminds of of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

The Dark Tower, Gunslinger Born Second Printing

That is the second printing of the first issue of The Dark Tower comics – The Gunslinger Born – from Marvel comics. I am very proud to say that I purchased that using my own sweat and blood… I bought that using Amazon’s MTURK.

Amazon Mechanical Turk provides a web services API for computers to integrate “artificial artificial intelligence” directly into their processing by making requests of humans.

Basically, at MTURK there are many HITS (Human Intelligence Task). These task are simple tasks that people do better than computers. These are tasks that people are willing to pay you to complete. For example a HIT might ask: “Is there a pizza parlour in this photograph?” Typically these tasks are extraordinarily difficult for computers, but simple for humans to answer.

When I first started with MTURK, I was not aware of any other blog monetizing programs. I don’t know TextLinkAds, I dont know Smorty, PPP, blogvertise and others. All I know then was those few cents per referral things – like Adbux, Slashmysearch, clixsense, hits4cash etc.

I asked a former colleague to sign up as my down line. He refused and he said he’s been making lots and lots of money with Amazon! That’s the time I joined.

And I really did make a few dollars! I think I made $2 or $5 a day! Holy heaven’s riches Batman! I’m RICH!

When my earnings from MTURK reached $10, I convert it to Amazon’s gift certificate and bought the Comic…

I tell you know, unless you have nothing to do all day, I advise you to stay away from MTURK. It’s not worth it. Sayang oras…. There. Sorry Amazon, but PPP and other blog money out there and Adsense pay more than MTURK.

That’s a fact.

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