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ServiMax Technologies for Inno3D Video And ECS Mother Boards

Another mouthful subject.

Yesterday, I went to Gilmore to have one of our motherboard and video card replaced.

We bought it last January this year, so it’s still under warranty.

After my T3/T4 laboratory (for my Hyperthyroidism), went straight to Quezon City.

The MSI motherboard (RS482M4) was from PC-Options. It’s still under warranty. It has been years since I last return an item in PC Options. I thought if I brought it then, they’ll test it, found out that it’s  defective and have it replace right there and then.

It’s not.

They said I could follow it up at least 3 weeks for an update (whether it’s defective or not or has been replaced). Ganon na pala dun ngayon. Same with the Inno 3D 7300 video card. Brought it in PC Express, they said it may take at least a month. But if I go directly to the service center, pwede daw 3 to 4 days. That’s ServiMax Technologies.

Went there and gave the video card. And true enough, they said I should call up first by Wednesday next week to confirm if the replacement (or the fix) is there.

There. Went to National Bookstore (Cubao) and bought Matthew his new jigsaw puzzle and went straight home.

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