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In Need of a New PDA/Smart/Phone

I was actually going to write ‘In Need of a New Phone’, but no. I no longer need a phone. Feels like a cellphone is too limiting. Apparenty, I can no longer live in SMS and voice call alone.

4 year old XDA 2? Badly needs a replacement.

I just had it repaired (again). It costs me P200 for the soldering. The problem then is it wont charge the battery. No connection to its cradle. But there are other problems too.

First, it’s sssslllooowww… probably my it’s because of the QTEK ROM I installed few months back.

Second, the casing’s all messed up. It doesn’t have the black black cover anymore. Matthew ate it. :) well, not exactly ate it, but you know what I mean..

Third, scratches.

Forth, there’s lots of cool new smart phones out there. :) … sorry, no Nokia candidates on my list.

3 Responses to “In Need of a New PDA/Smart/Phone”

  1. CM says:

    i feel sorry for your phone. Why not buy a new model instead? Hehe.

  2. tresebry says:

    papa eli! bago ang blog ah! hanep! :D na-miss ko ang pagbblog! :p

    sana magkaron din ako ng PDA. tsk. matagal ko ng pangarap yan eh! :D

  3. jhanok says:

    ngekz….dpat n ngang itapon yan ay palitan pla!hehehe

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