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What is Holding ME Back From Blogging?

john chow What is Holding You Back From Blogging? That’s the question that Gary Jones is asking everyone on Mr. John Chow’s blog. I even did the ‘I will post in my blog daily for 20 days straight’ commitment. But instead of writing it down, I put it in my computer desktop and my phone’s Today screen wallpaper.

The very first time I blog (didn’t even know it was called blogging then, and no idea about WordPress!), just like most of us, was to record the stuff that happens to our life. Main thing that influence me to blog is the stuff that happens in my life – my family, my friends, work etc.. heck, even the billboard commercial I saw on the street while commuting, I wrote about it.

Anyway, I sometimes post 2 to 4 entries a day. So what’s holding me back? Or should I say, what’s the reason that will cause me to stop blogging?

Probably it’s the negative comments.

Sometimes we get some negative stuff people say about your post. I have one other blog that gets comments like “this post sucks” or “poor grammar, man” or “stop polluting the internet”… These sometimes sinks in.

That’s one thing.. the other thing is the wife.. :) She complains we spent less time together.. I disagree.. I say, we spent more time together… in front of the computer.

3 Responses to “What is Holding ME Back From Blogging?”

  1. francesca says:

    Eli, kasabihan, a clean room is because of crashed computer. If you are blogging, musta na room mo, hehehe!

    joke lang.
    Anyway, blogging makes your life worth living, why stop doing it.Di vah!

    napanood namin ang bourne ultimatum, superb sa ganda.Yun lang, la masab eh,hihihi!

  2. Reyn says:

    well.. prove those negative comments otherwise :)
    ahahaha.. ano daw? basta kuya, ‘wag paapekto masyado sa iba diyan na walang magawa kundi mag-negative sa gawa ng iba!

  3. Allen says:

    Negative comments that have no content should just be ignored. You can’t stop those people who have nothing else to do but tell the world that they are worthless and wants some attention. :P

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