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Remembering Lists, Names and Other Things

I posted a comment to one of the blog stumbled upon few months back – Megan’s... She has this post where she met someone from high school and started chatting… problem is she couldn’t remember the person’s name..

Does this ever happened to you?

Upon reading that post, I remember a book I bought, “Memory Book” by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas..

It has tons of tips on how we can train our memory to remember just about anything, from a simple grocery list, to names to ideas. All we need to to do is apply simple techniques which we will try to illustrate here.

I don’t have the book with me now, forgot where I put it.. *grin*, but from memory, here are the top techniques in remembering stuffs (as much as possible we try to put in some example from that book) :

To remember general stuff:

  • Associate things you want to remember with something that you already know.
  • For example we know that there are 12 months or 365 days in a year… Well, do you know that Mt. Fuji is 12,365 ft. high? (though some might say 12,395 but hey, once you know the reference you will not be wrong. You associate Mt. Fuji’s height to the number of month and number of days in a year (which you must already know right?)
  • And when asked where Italy is on the globe you immediately look for the boot-shaped country in Europe

To remember lists, you could either use the link method or the number link method:

  • Link method’s first rule is ‘Use Your Imagination‘. You can use the adjectives huge, super big, humongous, tiny, super small etc… Example you want to member the following: Airplane, silk trees, envelope, ring, basketball, bucket, mountain… All you have to do associate the first object with the next in a humorous or outrageous manner. You could picture an airplane with huge tree as it’s wing! Picture that on your mind. Then as the airplane flies, the wing (tree) fell off straight inside a super tiny envelope. Picture that in your mind. You then see the envelope as the ‘stone’ on top of the ring. Then you see yourself using the ring as a basketball and you shoot it inside the ring… The basket turns out to be a bucket and … you think of something for the bucket and mountain relationship.. But you get the idea don’t you? Now, try and recall the list… start with the airplane… then trees.. then envelope, then ring, then basketball and so on… AMAZING ain’t it?

The two techniques describe above are for tangible objects. But how about those that are not? What if you want to remember something that is not an object? It’s difficult to visualize or remember, love for example or anger or hungry. How about numbers or medical terminologies? Those would be super hard to remember too.

But there is a way! Longer explanation though, but possible. Would you like to know how?
This is one big post… or it could be a series of post. We’ll try to post another one just like it. Pag sinipag.. hehehe, see you!

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  1. Nurse Mathilda says:

    great tips bro!

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