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Pinoy Banda August 2007 Statistics and others

It’s another new month, and here’s the second post on the PinoyBanda (and Everything-Eli) blogs. Just like before, it’s not much but still, it’s nice to have something to compare to ayt?

For July, Pinoy Banda had 6,253 unique visitors with 29,356 page views using up 739MB of bandwidth. I wonder how it did last August? Let’s see… (I’m waiting for the graph to finish loading… :-)

Alright, here it is…

Pinoybanda got4,966 unique visitors and 26,391 page views using up 579.88MB of bandwidth. Compared to last month, this is low. Here:

Stat July August
Unique Visitors 6,253 4,966
Page Views 29,356 26,391
.BW 739MB 579.88MB

What a waste of bandwidth!

Here’s some more interesting facts… Referrer site and Top search engine referrer:

For July:

United States (68234 hits)
Australia (19737 hits)
Unknown (2982 hits)
Philippines (10272 hits)

For August:

United States (57414 hits)
Unknown (3887 hits)
Australia (14618 hits)

Hmmm.. makes me wonder what country is ‘unknown’. They better register their country soon! :)

Mahina. I’m not satisfied. Better do something about this… di ko lang alam gagawin ko… Basta will do something about it… Better do some hard work this September… easy easy lang ako August eh… :)

Cheers guys.. Please visit pinoybanda ! :)

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  1. There was a point that most of my readers came from the US, then later more Filipinos. Now I almost half of my readers are from the Philippines, a bit less than half from Singapore and the rest from the US and elsewhere.

    You may want to try Nuffnang, “Asia’s First Blog Advertising Network,” it’s based in Malaysia but branched into Singapore. They have more sponsors but you’ll have to display their own ads if you don’t have enough unique visitors. I’m trying out Advertlets because of the review promo.

    Thanks for dropping by again!

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