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Heroes Volume II Come September 24

It has been a while since we last heard anything about Heroes. Here’s a good news for all the fans! Heroes Volume 2 (or Season 2, whichever you prefer) will premier on September 24, 2007!

I found out this info from Palaboy’s blog (with the cool promotional Yutube video).

According to the show’s producer, the upcoming second season will constitute a new volume in the multi-volume series, with new characters and an entirely new storyline. I also read few weeks ago that even the new fans of the show will appreciate Volume 2 since it will do have a different storyline. Season 2 will be more about the main characters past or their ancestors’ stories. It will show a theory of how they got all their powers. Maybe one of them has pimple and even share their acne treatment technique.. :)

So, after choosing which Heroes you are, it’s time to prepare and get ready to watch Heroes Volume 2!

I Love New York!!

My little souvenir from NY :) thanks bro!

8 Responses to “Heroes Volume II Come September 24”

  1. CM says:

    ang dami talagang nahuhumaling dyan sa heroes. Mapanood nga!! :)

  2. pam says:

    am i ignorant or what? haha. hindi ko alam kung ano yung heroes. well wait. hindi lang ako updated. :D

    matingnan nga yan. hehe. ;)

    take care!

  3. Pao says:

    hey! ganda ng heroes mug! inggit ako. :)

  4. Elizar says:

    @CM, oo naman, ang ganda naman talaga! I recommend you see it!

  5. Elizar says:

    @Pam, panoorin mo rin Pam, the best!

  6. Elizar says:

    @Pao, hi pao! Ganda mug noh!? hehehe, see the IP Phone? Phone ni Bauer yan! hahahaha

  7. palaboy says:

    god… gusto ko din nung mug… arbor nalang… pa contest mo… lol ^_^

  8. Elizar says:

    heehehe, nice idea.. pero wag nalnag.. *wink*

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