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All About Fats

Pro Bloggers more often than not, are fat (excuse to those who are not)… Or at least getting fat. They (errr we) are on their way to heart attack city.

Why is that? Probably because of sitting in front of their computer most of the day with very little or no time for exercise.

There are numbers of ways to get rid of those juggling, bouncy, excess fats. Most popular ones are exercise and diet.

We know all about it. For those who know they need it, I know you Google about it one time or another. You know all the facts and the things to do but too lazy to do anything about it. (I know, I’m guilty myself).

One option is hydroxycut and another option of course is liposuction that celebrities usually do. It’s not for everyone though. It costs money and need (a little) courage (on my part). Tumescent liposuction technique is a relatively new liposuction method that can reduce post operative bruising, swelling and pain. I know, I know it’s still has something to do with a hose that sucks up all those sebo. But according to the experts, it minimizes blood loss and probably more safer.

If you’re the brave and celebrity kind, go for it. If you’re like me or Sel, just do the exercise. :)

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