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PRC Nursing Exam Results Brought Servers Down

I was looking for the conversion rate of Peso vs Dollar on Inquirer.net so I can pay for my domain. It is there that I found out that the search for 2007 PRC Nursing result crashes down several servers. I also found out from Yugatech that even Inquirer.net had to revert to their lite version. I then checked Manila Bulletin‘s site and it’s offline as of this writing. Even PRC’s official website is down, apparently crashed by the 80,000 nursing students who want to know the test result.

With that news, first thing that comes to mind is not wondering how many of them passed the exam, but all those traffics and Adsense earnings! Wow! :)

6 Responses to “PRC Nursing Exam Results Brought Servers Down”

  1. Pao says:

    wow, ganun ka-atat ang mga nursing board takers para malaman ang results ayan tuloy nagsipag-crash mga servers. :lol:

  2. marhgil says:

    nahuli ako sa balita, kung alam ko lang na irerelease this week, naiblog ko sana one week ago. para kasama ako sa magcacrash ang server. hahaha

  3. CM says:

    Huwaw. They are all excited! Hehehe. :)

    Btw, I moved my blog, kindly change my link into http://preciousmemories.pinkbox.uni.cc/ thanks. :)

  4. SELaplana says:

    thanks the reason why I don’t make an up-to-date updates on my Philippine Exam Results blog.

  5. Reyn says:

    grabe naman.. talagang crash kung crash. haha. may iba pa kayang nadamay dun?

  6. jhanok says:

    My cousin is one of the board takers,kaya isa din cguro sya sa reason why ngcrash server.hahahha

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