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CIS Photo Printing

On my more personal blog, I posted some pictures taken the day we got the new CIS printer.The picture above was taken at Susana Mart in Tungko, San Jose Del Monte Bulacan. I will be putting up a signage similar to that one on InnerChild so people can know that we too are offering photo printing either from cellphone or digital cameras. Will do that on my rest day of course, coz here I am at 1:19am at the office, during shift (night).

Take care!

4 Responses to “CIS Photo Printing”

  1. PHTopsites.com says:

    Great site. Join the PHTopsites.com :D Thanks

  2. jeffrey says:

    ayos yan… additional income nanaman for you…

  3. jhanok says:

    nakz.payaman n tlaga ng payaman.hehehe

  4. joy says:

    hey eli may tag ako sa yo :)

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