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iPod in Recovery Mode

Does this (always) happens to your iPod?

Tonight, this is my 3rd time since I bought mine last February. Good thing I never deleted the original MP3 files.

When you’re prompted with this error, the usual (and only) solution is to restore your iPod to the factory default.

How’d you do it? Here’s how…

Click the ‘Restore’ buttons on iTunes as shown:

But tonight, after doing that restore it didn’t work. After the ipod restarted, I was prompted again for a restore. Did that couple of times but still the same.

Here’s what I did. I manually reset the ipod by pressing and holding the Menu and Select(center button) buttons until the Apple logo appears, about 6 to 10 seconds.

That did it!

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  1. Tin says:

    Well, good thing it haven’t encountered to my I-pod yet. :) I never thought of that solution. Hehehe.

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