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Epson Stylus C79 with Continuous Ink System

Yesterday we bought an Epson Stylus C79 printer for photo/text printing. This will be exclusively used by Innerchild computer systems.

Buying a colored printer has always been in the agenda of discussion between me and my brother – that is, whether to buy and inkjet or refill (or buy) a toner for the laserjet printer we already have.

Even when our HP Laserjet 1020 printer was still being used for the shop, I was mentioning to my business partner to go for the ink printer when the toner ran out. Having an ink jet means additional business. We could add photo printing, invitation and other customer color printing requirements.

He gave in eventually hence the new printer. But I do agree on his point, expensive sh*t. We could have scour the metro and did a market research for a good deal… Hey, what can I do, impulsive buyer here.

The Printer: Epson Stylus C79

I want to believe that Epson C79 is one of the new model for the ink jet line of Epson. Checking the list of the most recent product from the inkjet section of Epson, (the one in the photo quality printers section) I see C79 still on the top of the list. Whew! The newest being the C90.

Check out the product specs here.

Continuous Ink System

This is the expensive one. This couple of tubes with different color inks actually costs more that the printer itself. Understandable since we are buying the idea, concept and/or the technology.

The CIS system is said to be the latest and advanced technology of Multi-Colors Continuous Ink Flow System for Epson, Canon, HP and Brother printers!

Though I haven’t really try it yet (but I did manage to set it up today ), the full printing power, the people behind Continuous Ink System (and the forum members at ULOP) claims that:

  • No More messy refills
  • No Need for refilling kits
  • Not Conversion of original cartridge (which is intended for one time use only)
  • No More leakage or damage from improper drilling of original cartridge.
  • No more damage to print head caused by debris from drilling during conversion of original cartridge.
  • No more unstable ink pressure resulting in uneven supply of ink.
  • Completely Built-Up System with our own cartridges & IC chips.
  • Can be of service for a long period of time
  • Auto Reset Chips
  • High quality professional ink
  • No more running out of ink while printing
  • Clearly see ink remaining
  • Refill only color used up
  • And many more.. check em all here.

Pains of Installation and Setup

This part deserves a separate post. It is worth mentioning though that there will be some modification to be on the printer in order to use CIS. That’s what I did today. We’ll draft a separate post to discuss that soon! Stay tuned! :)

Have a great night!

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7 Responses to “Epson Stylus C79 with Continuous Ink System”

  1. jeffrey says:

    hmm im planning to buy one too… baka next payday mag canvass ako kung saan mura… mas makakamura ka nga sa ink refill na ganyan for your shop than buying new cartridge for the printer… ^_^

  2. jsonv says:

    in my experience with bulk inking with printers, sirain ang epson. every month nasisira yung samin hangang sa di na namin pinagawa, yun yung gamit sa shop. so we’d turned out using injectables. the best sa bulk inking ang brother na printer, yung model na and cartridge eh nakafix, what i mean is di xa nagalaw pagnagpi-print, unlike epson,hp and others, pagnagpprint sila yung ink cartridge eh nasa printers header diba! kaya sa tingin ko kaya laging nasisira, dahil langing nagagalaw, nahihitlat, nadidisposiyon at nasisingawan. eun! hhhehheh! share ko lang! rock on!

  3. Elizar says:

    @jeffrey, mas makakamura ka nga sa CIS jeffrey compared sa original ink..

    @jsov, thanks for sharing man.. takot naman ako bigla.. sabi rin ng friend ko na mas ok daw ang brother an printer eh.. sana di magkaproblema agad.. *fingers crossed*

  4. kevin says:

    the ciss for c79 can use for many other model printer, such as epson c90/cx7300/cx8300/cx5500……, which is very popular.

    ciss manufacturer: http://www.choosec.com
    contact: sales1@sunnod.com

  5. I’ve never used a continuous ink supply system – but it looks really interesting.
    Any way to save money on expensive OEM ink sounds good to me.

  6. marexblue says:

    what if the cis dont work? jaz like for my c90 printer… it says that it needs a genuine cartridge. replace cartridge…
    whats wrong with my cis? when i insert the original cartridge it works fine. and when the cis was also used in other c90 printer it works… would der be anything to do with this?

  7. schevianne says:

    @marexblue ==>> me too..i bought a CIS the other day for my epson c90. when i used the original cartirdge it was working. then i installed the CIS,it said please purchase a genuine epson cartridge and replace. what do i do?..what is wrong with my printer?

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