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Linux or Windows? You Can Have Both!

If I haven’t mentioned yet, my desktop PC at home was fried! It literally smoked and had some liquid popping near the power cable that connects to the mother board! Bummer!

So now, I am in the market of getting a new (clone) PC. Yesterday, mom and I tried getting one, but she got a herself a new TV/cellphone and me, I just got a Canon DC22 from Ebay. Still, no computer.

But when I do able to get one, I will definitely put Linux in it! Not sure which flavor though.

How about Lois you might ask. She’s not familiar with Linux! I say, that’s ok. It will run Windows Vista or XP inside Linux!

Though I know that Wine for some time now, I just read from Chin Wong’s blog that I can use VirtualBox. It can be installed in both Linux and Windows! And after that, you can install guest operating system inside the host!

For example, if I installed it in RedHat, I can install VirtualBox and create a virtual machine wherein I can install Windows XP as the guest operating system! Take note though that XP is just one of a guest OS you can put in it. You can also install Windows Vista, Server 2003, 2000, NT 4.0, 98, 95, ME and 3.1; Linux; FreeBSD; Open BSD; NetBSD; Solaris; and even OS2 Warp.

You can do it the other way around. You can use Windows XP and install Linux as the guest OS. Either way you can try and enjoy both worlds!

Enough talk and fixing roller shades. Now, I want my PC!

5 Responses to “Linux or Windows? You Can Have Both!”

  1. Allen says:

    Ohh It’s different from doing a dual boot?

  2. Reyn says:

    i want to try Linux but I don’t know where to start.. err..

  3. Elizar says:

    perfect Reyn! you can start with a virtual machine! Either use VMware or virtual box! ;)

  4. Elizar says:

    It’s different Allen.. dual boot is a different physical OS on a different partition or hard disk.

  5. Reyn says:

    you say it as if it’s extremely easy. hehe. i have a mac.. does it work like that too?

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