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All About Webhosting

Tons of ideas for a blog are flying in my head. This is just for the blog niches. It still doesn’t include other stuff related to it like cool blog template, layout/theme customization, time, resources for information, web hosting and others. They tons of things to consider and thinking about it and how to manage them makes my head ache.

And with this Paypal account handy, it’s so easy to (waste) spend impulsively for domains or web hosting. SysadmindayPh by the way was bought using paypal.

I have my preferred local web hosting company here in the Philippines. In the US, I know most of them are familiar with the Daddy something hosting company.

For those who are seeing for alternatives or looking for vast listing of web site hosting company, WebhostingInformation.net has a database of all web site hosting companies! Searching is as easy as putting the user’s requirements (like disk space or platform or cost per month). Clicking search will display a listing of qualified web site hosting company.

Web Hosting Information dot net can help you find the one that is suitable for your budget or the features that you are looking for. Like I said, you can search their site by Price per month, or even by Storage and Platform. To further help their visitors find the perfect hosting company, they even have some articles and blog post that have features that will surely help.

Such features includes Advantages of Unix Platform, or The Disadvantages of PHP hosting. I’m sure even if you’re not seriously looking for a webhosting company, you’ll learn a few things about it just by browsing and perusing the site.

They have guides on finding the best domain name appraisal service or reseller hosting.

Check out the site and try searching for one and see if they meet your requirements. Do not forget to subscribe to their feeds to get updated with the latest news and offers!

5 Responses to “All About Webhosting”

  1. Honney says:

    hi, eli! naks, SponsoredReviews ito noh? I blogged about this too.

    btw, oo may officemate nga akong same name as yours.

  2. Allen says:

    Hmm I don’t think this is a sponsored review. It was not categories under SponsoredReviews. anyways, nice post ^_^

  3. Elizar says:

    thanks for the comment you guys!

    now for the issue if this is a paid post or not… I’ll leave it to you.. ;)

  4. Reyn says:

    ay naku.. you HAVE to disclose whether it’s paid or not.. tsk tsk.

  5. gems says:

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