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Possible Business at the Third Floor

Here is another idea of a business (at the same time a hobby for those who have lots of free time) – Bingo!

The apartment that Lois and I are staying now has a very spacious third floor. I mentioned that I will be putting up an (amateur) band rehearsal studio on that floor, a massage chair and now probably a little bingo session will add another use to the vacant space.

The target customer will be the stay at home mother (including Lois, since I asked her to take care of Matthew full time. Hope she will not get too into it. I was told that it is really addictive. I myself do not know how to play Bingo. All I know is that a one calls a number and you have to mark it up on your card until you can make a pattern out of it.

For those who are like me, there are internet bingo website, perfect way to practice! All the rules applies. BingoHouse is an online bingo site offering free bingo and paid bingo. Cards can be purchased for as little as .10 per card. They also have chat rooms where everyone can interact and get to know each other..

So if anyone asks me how to play it i tell them to try and play bingo online, it’s free and you’ll definitely get the rules lay down.

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  1. I enjoyed playing BINGO back in the province, especially during wakes. All my relatives are there and we’ll spend the whole night playing. I didn’t win much though.

  2. Elizar says:

    me too, my wife is the one that plays, na impluwensyahan lang. :)

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