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Commute or Car (Rainy Days)

Commute or car for a Bulakeño going to work (Makati area) everyday? That is tonight’s question. This is like the time versus money post. So this post is over in a few more words.

It’s been raining for 2, 3 days now (typhoon Chedeng Egay). Lucky me since past 2 days was my rest day, no work for me, (orientation lang). Unfortunately today, errr tonight, meron. I’m on a bus right now jotting this down.

If you have some to spend for comfort and you value your time go for the car. If you’re on a budget though (like myself), better stick with the joy and pains of commuting.Here’s a little comparison, pros/cons in my case (considering the rain):

Taking the car (Pros) – Opposite of course is the Cons of commuting.

  • Dry. I won’t get wet at least till I reach the office parking area
  • Fast. No need to wait for the jeep, bus.
  • Comfort. I’ll be all warm even if its freezingly cold,raining outside

Commuting (Pros) – cons of having to bring a car

  • Save money. That’s P240 vs P700. That’s a lot for me. Get to sleep during the travel.
  • Get to see (even meet) gorgeous, rain-soaked girl (hi to my wife!) ü
  • You get to dress up (I said there ‘you’ coz I don’t do that, di ako japorms) ü
  • It’s saver. Being in a big bus versus tinee winee car. (unless you have life insurance no exam)
  • You get to write your next blog post! ü

I’m sure there’s lots more here. Please put your say. Dito na ko MRT, papunta Ayala. Back to work…

8 Responses to “Commute or Car (Rainy Days)”

  1. Reyn says:

    I’d rather not take the car because I won’t be able to sleep through the traffic.

    You get to write your next blog post!
    Me.. when I was still commuting. haha

  2. mawee says:

    LOL~ i have either no pros or cons kasi nilalakad ko lang palagi sa school, ehehe ^^

  3. Sexy Nomad says:

    Hi Eli! I used to be a pro at commuting. I only got to experience hatid-sundo by a car in High School when I lived with my rich grandparents and then when I got married (my hubby drives me around. Right now, I could use my commuting skills again coz we just recently moved to Alabang and there’s no MRT to take like when we lived in QC. I always wait for my hubby to pick me up at work (around 8-9pm) and it’s tiring me out. If and when I learn how to commute again (taxis not included), I’d be able to get home at around 6 pm and accomplish a lot of things around the house including doing my exercise routine and reading my books. So, good luck to me and kudos to commuting! :-)

  4. Unless you can do some car-pooling and make some of your friends or neighbors working in the same area ride with you, it’s not really worth taking the car in the long run. Commuting will indeed save you some money (and help save the environment too!).

  5. Elizar says:

    @cultureshiok, exactly! tama car pooling is the way to go..

  6. Elizar says:

    @sexy nomad, yeah, good luck to you when you do commute.. daming sayang naman na oras kung 8pm,9pm ka pa makakaalis

  7. Elizar says:

    @mauwee, good for you mauwee. kasama na exercise jan.. ;)

    @reyn, another advantage, pwede matulog diba? ;)

  8. paulette says:

    For those who running a business time is important that they really have to ride in their cars. For a regular employee its really cheaper to commute. Either way can be taken what matters is the person’s priority.

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